Astute Solutions is offering online webinars of our workshop content. This post covers the advantages (and disadvantages) of in-person training.
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Learn how to introduce yourself successfully to a new business acquaintance in three easy steps.
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Get motivated to meet new professional contacts! It's easy to do and can benefit you more than you realize.
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Accreditation is obviously useful to session attendees, but it also provides the opportunity to highlight how our workshop theories and methods are supported by evidence.
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Writing a mentoring plan can help you achieve success and meaning in a mentoring relationship, and is beneficial to both the mentor and the mentee.
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There are several ways you can keep your social media profiles professional while still enjoying them for personal use. Make sure you're keeping your social media profile in excellent shape.
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There is a large difference in skills training vs. getting an advanced degree, however many people see these two as interchangeable.
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The key to a successful phone meetings. Out of all the different advice of how to give a strong impression on the phone, one piece of advice stands above the rest. This post covers what you should always do when on the phone for online meetings and all phone calls.
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Business skills that never go out of style. This post analyzes the core business skills that will never go away, even with the huge increase in automation. These skills are the core of how business is actually done, and there will always be a place for.
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Because it is so important for career growth and staff retainment, mentorship is often discussed in the nursing profession. Effective mentor relationships are incredibly hard to implement.

One in five young nurses leaves the profession after one year. Mentoring, if done right, can help keep new nurse...

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