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Online vs. In-Person Training
Astute Solutions is offering online webinars of our workshop content. This post covers the advantages (and disadvantages) of in-person training.
30.11.18 10:42 PM - Comment(s)
Coaching Underperforming Employees
Coaching under performing employees can be intimidating, but if you follow these simple steps you can help your employees improve while maintaining a positive working relationship.
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How To Coach Star Employees
Coaching high-performing employees can be more challenging than managing struggling employees, but it is vital that star employees feel supported and encouraged.
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Are Your Goals SMART?
SMART Goal setting can help your organization by motivating and directing your team to achieve specific, measurable goals.
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What's In It For Me?
Understanding someone's motivation is key to getting him to make a change or agree to your request. This easy tip can help you have productive conversations.
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The Power of Flip Charts
Have you ever used a flip chart to illustrate points in a meeting? The results may surprise you.
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How to Keep Your Audience Engaged
Learn how to focus your audience's attention back onto key points in your presentation.
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PowerPoint Should SUPPORT your Message
There are times when PowerPoint is appropriate, and times when it isn't useful. Learn how to determine whether you should use PowerPoint for your next meeting.
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The Importance of Accreditation
Accreditation is obviously useful to session attendees, but it also provides the opportunity to highlight how our workshop theories and methods are supported by evidence.
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Strong Leadership is Key to Nurse Retention
Leadership is one of the most important keys to retaining quality nurses in your organization.
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