Saving and Removing Email Attachments

30.11.18 10:45 PM Comment(s) By Nikole

I have seen so many nurses get stuck in "email jail", where their mailbox becomes so full that they can't send or receive any emails. Once this happens, they have to stop whatever else they were trying to do so they can try to clean up their email. The hardest part of cleaning up your email is having to delete big attachments that you might want to use again in the future. This post covers a handy way to save those attachments and then remove them, so you can reduce your inbox size, stay out of email jail, and still have the email and attachments saved for future use.

Remove an Attachment

This is useful if the attachment is taking up too much space in your email. An attachment is signified by the paperclip icon in the email, which is circled below.

To save the attachment to your computer:

  1. Click the down arrow to the right of the attachment.
  2. Choose “save as” and save the attachment to your computer or other destination.
  3. Note: you can also save all the attachments together, if an email has multiple. This will save time if an email has multiple attachment.

You can then remove the attachment from the email by using the same dropdown. This will not delete the attachment from your computer, as long as you saved it before you removed it. This will also keep the email itself, which will now be much smaller because there isn't a large attachment.

This trick, along with being able to sort emails by their size in the view options is a great way to easily stay out of email jail, so you can focus on doing your actual work instead of spending time cleaning up your email box!

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