Customizing Microsoft Outlook Look and Feel

30.11.18 10:43 PM Comment(s) By Nikole

Many people use Microsoft Outlook with the same setup as it comes "out of the box", without realizing that there is a large amount of customization that you can do to how your email looks, which may allow you to be more efficient with your email overall. This post will cover some of the key look-and-feel modifications that you should look into, and how to revert back to the original if you don't like what you have done!

The View Tab

  1. Change View: Toggle over which view you like the best. Preview gives you the most information.
  2. Show as Conversation: Lets you group emails together by conversation. You have the option to do this for each folder, or for all your mail.
  3. Message Preview: Lets you determine how many lines you would like to preview in the email.
  4. Arrange Emails: Default is by date.
  5. Options. To help prevent "Email Jail", a handy trick is to sort by size. This will let you see which email is taking up the most room in your inbox. Remove the attachment by saving it to your computer.
  6. Reader Panes: Can also be found in the status bar at the bottom.
  7. Reset View: Resets everything back to the Default View.

The main thing to note in this list is the Reset View, which will revert everything back to it's original look. Now that you know that there is a way to go back, go ahead and modify the look to match your specific preferences and workflows!

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