Create PowerPoint Slides that Don't Suck

26.11.18 08:31 PM Comment(s) By Bob Sullivan

We have all been there: we get invited to a meeting from someone that we know is the worst at PowerPoint. They have endless slides full of text that is barely readable. It gets worse. Instead of using PowerPoint to support their message, they end up just reading their slides! Why even bother having the meeting when they could have just sent their word-for-word PowerPoint and let you read it at your leisure?

10 Rules For Creating PowerPoint Slides

There are a few simple rules that, when followed, won't cause everyone in the room to either fall asleep, or end up looking up cat videos on YouTube:

  1. Keep it simple: One idea per slide.
  2. Pictures say it better than words: Use Pictures but not clip art (which looks cheesy).
  3. Use graphs and charts: To illustrate comparisons and important numbers.
  4. Use some color: Two or three colors are good, but any more creates confusion.
  5. Do not use complete sentences: Only use bullets .
  6. 4 - 5 bullets maximum: If you have any more, you actually have more than one idea you are trying to fit on the slide.
  7. Use the largest type possible: At least 24 to 40pt for headings, titles and bullets.
  8. Limit animation effects. They can illustrate complex points, but don’t go overboard. Too much movement takes away from the message.
  9. Don't just use PowerPoint: Use different types of AV options (videos, flip charts, white board, props etc.).
  10. Use a handout for detailed information. Don't try to put everything into your presentation.

Follow these simple rules and you will be well on your way to creating PowerPoint slides that are visually appealing and help with your presentation. One of the worst things to do to an audience is "kill them by PowerPoint".

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