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Introducing the new NNA State Director
Nebraska Nurses Association (NNA) is excited to announce that Nikole Wagar has been selected as the new NNA State Director.
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Easily Setup Outlook Rules
Outlook contains the great ability to automate repetitive tasks to save you time every day. This article covers what this is, and how to get started using it if you have not done so before.
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Adding Folders to Outlook, and When you Should
Learn how to add folders, and a recommendation of how to setup your folders to be more efficient at both filing and finding information in Outlook.
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The All-Powerful Outlook Search Function
The Outlook Search function is a great tool that you can leverage to find emails based off a number of different criteria, so long as you know where to look!
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How to Keep Your Audience Engaged
Learn how to focus your audience's attention back onto key points in your presentation.
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Stop Spending Time Formatting Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Learn about using the Format Painter tool to more efficiently create your Microsoft documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
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Continually Grow Your Professional Network
Get motivated to meet new professional contacts! It's easy to do and can benefit you more than you realize.
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PowerPoint Should SUPPORT your Message
There are times when PowerPoint is appropriate, and times when it isn't useful. Learn how to determine whether you should use PowerPoint for your next meeting.
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The Excel Formula Builder
Using Excel's Formula Builder tool can change the way you use Excel for the better. Learn how to access the wealth of information available in Excel and make the application work for you.
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Create PowerPoint Slides that Don't Suck
Use these 10 tips for creating PowerPoint presentations that don't bore, confuse, or distract your audience from your message.
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