There is an easy way to save email attachments to your computer. This allows you to both: use them for other projects, and gives you the ability to remove them from the email, reducing your email inbox size.
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There are many great options in Microsoft Outlook that allow users to modify the look and feel. This post describes how you can leverage these options to make Outlook look how you want, and a way to revert all the changes back if you don't like them.
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Astute Solutions is offering online webinars of our workshop content. This post covers the advantages (and disadvantages) of in-person training.
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Learn how to introduce yourself successfully to a new business acquaintance in three easy steps.
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Learn about how to use Excel's Conditional Formatting tool to save yourself time while preparing data in spreadsheets.
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Coaching under performing employees can be intimidating, but if you follow these simple steps you can help your employees improve while maintaining a positive working relationship.
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Coaching high-performing employees can be more challenging than managing struggling employees, but it is vital that star employees feel supported and encouraged.
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SMART Goal setting can help your organization by motivating and directing your team to achieve specific, measurable goals.
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Understanding someone's motivation is key to getting him to make a change or agree to your request. This easy tip can help you have productive conversations.
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Have you ever used a flip chart to illustrate points in a meeting? The results may surprise you.
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