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    Meet Our Team

The Astute Solutions leadership team is comprised of top-quality talent with a focus on business education targeted to new clinical leaders. Our team has the following qualifications that will help make sure your clinicians have the best experience possible:

Total Experience
  • 15 years in direct patient care
  • 30 years in organizational leadership
  • 14 years in higher education
  • Conducted over 40 semester-long courses
  • Developed multiple graduate-level courses

Work Experience

  • Clinical Educator at MyRounding
  • Float Nurse Supervisor
  • Executive at Cerner and IBM
  • General Manager at SONIFI Health


  • Certified Clinical Scholar
  • Doctor of Education
  • Juris Doctor
  • Masters in Nursing Education
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Master of Education in Curriculum Leadership
  • Registered Nurse
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • Project Management Professional
  • Certified Professional in Healthcare Management

Director, Clinical Education

Nikole Sullivan

Nikole is an energetic professional nurse with diverse management, education, and clinic experience. She is a self-motivated and reliable leader, and her greatest passion is helping others achieve success. Nikole is approachable, professional, and leads by example, using her abilities to quickly learn and assimilate complex ideas and to anticipate and adapt to changing dynamics. Nikole’s depth of experience as a nurse and a clinical leader inform the work she does daily at Astute Solutions.

Director, Sales

Bob Sullivan

Bob is an executive with a focus on delivering business education to clinical staff, enabling smoother transition into leadership. As Director of Sales at Astute Solutions, Bob is responsible for overall revenue growth of the company. Bob also works closely with the other company functions, providing guidance on business topics and training. Bob has experience with all facets of leadership. Bob’s education and experience across all facets of the business world are invaluable to the development of business education for our course offerings.

Consultant, Curriculum Development

Christi Adams

Christi is an educator with 14 years of experience, teaching 30 semester-long undergraduate courses and 12 semester-long graduate courses. She has developed five undergraduate courses and two online graduate courses, and she uses her skills in curriculum development to develop outstanding learning material for Astute Solutions. Christi’s skills in delivering quality education and understanding the formulation of effective coursework are essential to our success.