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Attendee Testimonials

Operational Skills

Learn essential day-to-day skills needed to successfully transition into an organizational leadership role.

  • Managing Your Inbox & Email Etiquette: Organizing, customizing and searching mail, creating rules, options and preferences, creating a signature, and calendars
  • Excel Basics: How to create a budget, how to format, sort and filter, use basic formulas and data tables
  • Presentation Visuals: Audience, presentation format, message, layout and design

Leadership Skills

Learn essential skills needed to manage and maintain clinical staff.

  • Presentation Basics: Power openings and keeping the audience engaged with flair, connecting with the audience, body language and different learning channels
  • Meeting Facilitation: Format, attendees, roles, agenda, ground rules, minutes and action items
  • Team Communication: Coaching and conflict management
  • Performance Management: How to track your employees' performance and keep them informed via 1:1 meetings

Professional Skills

Learn how to develop and expand your leadership role and career.
  • Creating and Maintaining a Professional Image: How you present yourself to your employees, peers, superiors and the community and how it effects your position as a leader and your reputation
  • Social Media Etiquette: Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Mentorship: Benefits of mentorship and connecting with your network
  • Continuing Professional Development: Reviews not only the importance of keeping current in your field but understanding current healthcare policies